Systems Showcase

the begining

This all started in 2001. I wanted more bass, what i wanted was a sunfire jr thought they were the best at the time. Ended up with the def tech pfw15 still verry happy with it. Fast forward a year and many a bose and sony speaks latter still no joy no feelings from my music. Saw an ad in the paper for a pair of polk ls 90s didnt know what they were never heard of polk, the 90s were 10 plus years old thought i would take a chance and buy them for 350.00 asking price was 500.00. Never looked back and never gonna. The ls 90s have changed my life.


  • Yamaha RX-V2300


  • ls 90s fronts
  • cs 1000p center
  • def tech bp2xs rears
  • def tech pf15 sub
  • klipsch rsw12 sub