Systems Showcase

Darn fish tank is in the way!

My living room. As you can see the Aquarium is not in the best location, but it is a 90 gallon and was there before The system was here. Too much of a hassle to move. The left rear LSiFX is where the door to room 2 is. Room two is really an open space that segueways into the kitchen, the only seperator is a half wall. I live on the first floor of a two apartment building, and the landlord lives up stairs. Needless to say, It is hard to find a good time to crank these babys up! Plus I have the fish to worry about, but I do believe they are happy, they are spawning regularly. The whole apartment sounds really good, even the bed room and my server room,, and they are not wired for sound.... yet! I'm not much for asthetics, as long as its all hooked up, I'm happy. Julie' my wife, rolls her eyes and groans "More Wires!"once in a while, but she likes the sounds. She sais that if i lived alone I would have an apartment with no furniture or bed or kitchen stuff, just my system, computers and a mat on the floor to sleep on. She's right!


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Room 1 Componants

  • SONY ES STR-DA3000ES (7.1)
  • Monster Cable (original)

Room 2 (componants)

  • SONY STR-DB84D (5.1)

Speakers Room 1

  • LSi15
  • LSi9
  • LSiC
  • LSiFX

Speakers Room 2

  • LSi9