Systems Showcase

The game room...

This is my first real HT system. We had a 14' x 24' game room built over the garage. I had the wiring run as the house was being built and then installed the ceiling speaks myself. I had the sub coax terminated next to the couch but I've found that it sounds so much better in the right front corner of the room. They say bass in "non-directional" but it was really localized and didn't blend well in it's initial spot. I've learned a great deal hanging out in the Polk Forum...too bad most of what I learned requires deep pockets.


  • Yamaha RX-V2400 (7.1 AVR)
  • Yamaha CDC-845 (CD changer)
  • Pioneer DV-563A (universal player)
  • Sony KF60WE610 (HDTV)
  • Polk XRt12 (XM tuner)
  • Monster HTS 2500 (power center)
  • Home Theater Master MX-700 (remote)


  • RTi10 mains
  • CSi5 center
  • RC60i surrounds (x4)
  • SVS PCi 20-39 sub
  • NHT Super Ones (office speaks, Zone 2)