Systems Showcase

Polk + Denon + Mitsubishi = :)

Our home theater is centered by a 55" Mitsuibishi HDTV for the video. The audio is powered by a Denon 2803 and Polkaudio speakers. The sound is great in a 7.1 configuration using FXi3's as surrounds on the walls and RTi4's as surround backs on Sanus stands. The bass is supplied by two subs, a PSW303 (visible) and a PSW 202 behind the couch. Up front are RTi8's and a CSi3 on the TV.


  • Mitsubishi 55613 (integrated HDTV)
  • Sony DVD DVP-NC600
  • Daewoo VCR ( no comments please)
  • Denon 2803 AV Receiver
  • Dual 1249 Turntable


  • Polk RTi8 (mains)
  • Polk CSi3 (center)
  • Polk PSW 303 & 202
  • Polk RTi4 (surround backs)
  • FXi3's ( surrounds)