Systems Showcase

Im neal, 15 years old and this is my system

yamaha reciever, Digital, Natural sound, A/V- HTR-5240, Technics 111 Disc CD changer- SL-MC7, Apex DVD player- AD-1500, Toshiba Tape player- W512, Technics Turntable "old bertha"- SL-1800, Speakers- Optimus satelite speakers- XTS-20AV, Yamaha floor speakers- NS-6390, rear speakers unidentified, subwoofer- Polk PSW-404, My main music player- Compaq presario 2500, Sony remote- RM-AV3000, Daewoo 27 Inch TV.


  • Yamaha A/V Natural sound reciever- HTR-5240

Audio and Video

  • Apex- AD-1500
  • Toshiba- W512
  • Daewoo 27"

CD and other audio devices

  • Technics 111 Disc changer- SL-MC7
  • Compaq Presario 2500


  • Optimus Satelite Speakers- XTS-20AV(front right and left, 1st channel)
  • Yamaha floor speakers- NS-6390(front right and left, 2nd channel)
  • rear speakers unidentified "old" lol
  • Polk Subwoofer- PSW404


  • Technics- Direct Drive turntable- SL1800 "Old Bertha"