Systems Showcase

My Cozy 7.1 HT

My system consisits of all Polk Audio speakers, an Onkyo TXSR800 7.1 reciever, a Mitsubishi DVD player, Onkyo 6-CD changer, a Sony VCR, Sony HDTV, and a PS2. It has been nearly 4 years in the making and I would say I'm finally at the point where I am completely satisfied. The TV, DVD player, and VCR I've had since 2000 or before. I spent most of the last couple of years learning and buying the reciever and speakers. Previously, I had the Polk RM6200 satalitte set with a PSW250 and a Onkyo entry level reciever. I quickly upgraded to a PSW450 and the RM6600. I used that for a couple of years but recently knew I wanted to move up in size since I have a pretty large room. It just didn't feel complete. Last year I bought the Onkyo 800 to upgrade to 7.1. But then of course, the sats just couldn't hanlde the added power and efficiency. So it was time to upgrade the speakers. Just recently completed the speaker system with the RTI4s in the rear after purchasing the 5.1 set of Rtis a month ago. Enjoy the pics. Let me know what you think.

DVD Player

  • Mitsubishi DD6000 Progressive Scan DVD Player

Game System

  • PS2 w/ Component Video and Digital Out


  • Onkyo TXSR800 7.1 Reciever


  • Polk Rti8 (front)
  • Polk CSi3 (center)
  • Polk Fxi3 (side surrounds)
  • Polk Rti4 (rear surrounds)


  • Sony KP-53HS10 HDTV