Systems Showcase

SniperREX Home Theater

PJ: Optoma HD-80 Monoprice Electric Screen 108" HDTV: Pioneer Kuro KRP-600M and PDP-5020 in 2nd HT Receiver: Marantz SR-8002 and HK AVR7200 in 2nd HT CD Player: Jolida JD 100A Disc player: Oppo BDP-83, Xbox 360 HD-DVD Mains: Polk RTi8(cherry) Center: Polk CSi3(cherry) Surrounds: Polk FXi5, Polk LSi7(cherry) Sub: SVS PCi 16-46 and Polk PSW505 in 2nd HT Dish ViP 722 and ViP 211 I'd like to upgrade my projector, but I think I'm done upgrading for a while.


  • PS3
  • Xbox 360 Elite
  • HD-DVD Add-on for Xbox 360
  • Marantz SR-8002
  • Belkin Home Theater Battery Backup with AVR Technology AP30800fc10-BLK
  • Jolida JD 100A
  • Dish ViP 722
  • Optoma HD-80
  • Pioneer Kuro 5020
  • Oppo BDP-83


  • Polk RTi8
  • Center: Polk CSi3
  • Surrounds: Polk FXi5
  • Surrounds back: Velodyne HT Classic
  • Sub: SVS PCi 16-46