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my old speaker set up includes csi400 four rti800 two in the front and two for the surr. also 2 rti55 for the surr. back. two velodyne cht12. panasonic dvd audio player.onkyo txsr803 new speakers are phase techs the fronts are pc8.5 the center is pc3 and the pc surrounds which are hung in the back all video cables are monster video 3. all audio cables are refrence series and the front and center speaker cables are monster z series biwired and all optical cables are monster reference series.all speaker wire is 12g and all hooked up by banana plugs. hitachi 57 in hdtv monitor and cox cable dvr hd reciever. i hope to add the new dvd player, the denon dvd2910.


  • onkyo txsr 803
  • cable hd
  • panasonic dvd audio player
  • monter power 3500mkii


  • polk rti800 (front and surr.)
  • polk csi400 (center)
  • polk rti55 (surr. back)
  • velodyne cht12 (subs)
  • phase technology pc 8.5 (NEW FRONTS)
  • phase technology pc 3 (NEW CENTER)
  • phase technology surronds (NEW SURRONDS)