Systems Showcase

Family Room turned HT! In progress.

12-04-2008 The Salamander racks are still going strong. The Tube TV is gone. Picked up a 50" plasma and sold the Sony for $200 on Craigslist in less than 24 hours. Cleared out the old tape deck and the 200 disc changer and put a Mac mini in their place. Added a PS3 for gaming and Blu-Ray, but kept to old DVD play since the Mrs. finds it easier to use than the PS3. Also picked up a Harmony remote. It Rocks. 12-12-2004 The Salamander Synergy racks are put together and loaded up. I have to get the art back on the wall... 12-6-2004 --Brought the RX-V1400 back to Tweeter today and exchanged it for the new RX-V1500. 120 day upgrade policy. Go Tweeter. 12-4-2004 --When my old Harmon Kardon 2-channel from my college days died, I decided to replace it with some gear that I could enjoy for years to come. So, with the blessings of the wife, I went out with a $1000 budget and ended up spending $2000 in about 4 months. Not to be outdone, she decided to get rid of our old IKEA dorm room furniture and blew another $2500 on Salamander Synergy racks! We are waiting for the Salamnder stuff to arrive, so the photos show the bookshelves in the process of being emptied...

2 Channel in the Workshop

  • Creek 4330 Integrated Amp
  • Technics SL-P310 (Vintage) CD Player
  • Cambridge Soundworks Ensemble 2 Speakers


  • Yamaha RX-V1500 7-Ch HT Receiver
  • Outlaw Audio M200 MonoBlock
  • Outlaw Audio M200 MonoBlock


  • Panasonic TH-52PZ700U


  • Sony Playstation 3
  • Apple Mac Mini
  • DirecTV Huges HR20-100s
  • Sony DVP-NS715P DVD player
  • Roku Soundbridge M1000


  • Polk Audio LSi15 (mains)
  • Polk Audio LSi7 (surrounds)
  • Polk Audio LSiC (center)
  • Velodyne DLS-3500 (subwoofer)