Systems Showcase

Big sound in small space.

Still love my Polks, but I also like the Paradigm sound as well, so I decided to change the sound in the main theater room for while. The Paradigm systems sounds really nice. I've also made a few changes to the decor. Included some shots of the old look for comparisons. Because the room is small, (Approx 7.6" wide, by 18.5" long) it really fills with sound quite easily, and creates a truly immersive HT experience.

Home Office System

  • Panasonic PT-44LCX65 LCD Projection TV
  • Pioneer Elite VSX-74TXVi Receiver
  • Denon DVD-2910
  • Pioneer Elite DV-59AVi
  • Pioneer Elite DV-47Ai
  • Hughes HD Direct TV Receiver
  • Polk CSi3 Center
  • Polk RTi8's Front L/R
  • Polk FXi5's Surrounds (4)
  • HSU SFT-2 Sub
  • Def-Tech Supercube II Sub

Main Theater

  • Anthem AVM 30 Pre/Pro
  • Anthem PVA-7 Power Amp
  • Pioneer Elite DV-79AVi (x2)
  • Hughes HTL-HD DSS Receiver
  • Pioneer Elite DV-46A
  • Paradigm Monitor 11's v.4 Front L/R
  • Paradigm CC370 v.4 Center Channel
  • Paradigm ADP-370 v.4 L/R Surround
  • Paradigm ADP-370 v.4 Surround Back
  • SVS PB10-ISD Sub
  • Def-Tech Supercube Reference