Systems Showcase

Gangsta's Paradise

This is my home theater near completion. What started out as a brick wall and a couple of studs and a lot of sweat has finally almost ended. All of the work was done by myself. I have S-Video, component video,HDMI and DVI hookups from the front to the back- hopefully "futureproof". Most of the wire and plates came from which is an excellent and affordable DIY web site-check it out if you want to save some cash. In wall I ran RG6 quad shield for my component video hookups, RG59 for my subwoofer, 12 gauge speaker wire, and DVI and HDMI cable. From the receiver to the main speaker and center plate I have 8 gauge wire and ditto from the plates to the speakers. I used Nakamichi locking bananas to terminate the speaker wires. The mains and center are bi-wired. I'm pretty happy with my system and I get enough "oohhs" and "aahhs" to keep me satisfied and isn't that what we are all here for?


  • Sony STR-DA5000ES (pre/pro)
  • Sony TA-N110 x 2 ( rear channel amps )
  • Sony CDP-CX205 200 cd changer
  • Sony CDP-CX400 400 cd changer
  • Sony RM-AV3000 remote controller


  • Dayton Audio (Parts Express) Interconnects
  • Nakamichi Locking Banana's


  • Polk Audio RTi-12
  • Polk Audio CSi-5
  • Infinity US-1 satellites x 4 (rear channels)
  • Jbl 12" powered sub PB12


  • JVC AV65-WP74 65" RPTV
  • JVC 7 disc DVD XV-FA902SL