Systems Showcase

RTi 7.1 Cinema

This system started out with just the RTi6's to accomidate an older Onkyo TX-8511 Stereo Receiver. Then it grew. Quickly. The bug to build a full home theater hit hard. I had spent 4 years in the Marines away from audio and video, only remembering what I had learned working at The Stereo Advantage in High School. When I bought the RTi6's, it was just to give a little more sound to the TV. Hey, I already had the receiver, why not? Live and Learn. This was just not enough. So, to make a long story shorter, I just kept adding until (We all know you never are) content. For now. 1/24/05 UPDATE: Just changed out my receiver to a harman/kardon AVR630 v.5.02. I love it. After to software update, I have so much flexibility and power to spare.

CD Player

  • Onkyo DX-C370

DVD Player

  • Sony DVP-NS575P


  • Toshiba CF35D350

NTSC Source

  • Dish Network DishDVR 522

Power Conditioner

  • Monster Power HTS-1000MKI

Racks / Stands / Brackets

  • Z-Line Designs Z221S (Monitor / AV Equip)
  • OmniMount WS24 (Surround) <---These things suck. Spend the extra for weighted stands.
  • OmniMount AB1 (Surround Back) <---Hold more that their prescribed limit. Nice.


  • harman/kardon AVR630 (pictures to follow soon)

Speaker Cable

  • Monster THX Ultra 1000 10' pair (Front)
  • Monster MC500 6' single (Center)
  • Monster XP 25'x2/50'x2 (Surround+Surround Back)
  • Monster InterLink 300MKII L+R (Subwoofer)


  • Polk RTi10 (Front L+R)
  • Polk RTi6 (Surround L+R)
  • Polk CSi5 (Center)
  • Polk Monitor30 (Surround Back L+R)
  • Polk PSW505 (that great rumble)

VCR (plays those old 'tape' things)

  • Toshiba W522