Systems Showcase

Two Channel Gear & Family Room Surround

Here you will find my path and definition of great listening. Vinyl and digital are both included.


  • Marantz SR7002
  • Rotel RB-985MKII Amp
  • Oppo BDP-83 Blu-ray Player
  • DirecTV HDDVR+
  • Roku HD
  • Impact Acoustics Cables


  • Polk LC265i RF and LF
  • Polk LC65i Center
  • Polk LC60i RR & LR
  • Polk LSi7's R & L Surround
  • SVS PB12-Plus Sub


  • Samsung LN32B530 LCD HDTV

Two Channel Gear

  • Krell KSL Pre Amp w/KSL Phono Board - Recapped
  • Heavy Plinth Lenco Idler Drive / Advanced Analog MG-1 Arm / Dynavector Karat 17D3 (.3mV)
  • Boston Audio Mat 1
  • TTWeights Periphery Ring & Weight
  • Salk SoundScape 8 Speakers
  • Krell KSA-250 Amp
  • Shunyata Hydra Power Conditioner
  • Sanders Sound System & Signal Cable Analog II Balanced IC's.
  • Harmonic Technology Pro 9+ Speaker Cables
  • Nitty Gritty 1.5FI RCM
  • Gingko Cloud 11L-B Vibration Control & Claravu Dust Cover
  • GIK Tri Traps
  • GIK 244 Bass Panel Traps
  • Welborne Labs Power Supply
  • Squeezebox Controller
  • Twisted Pear Buffalo III DAC (ESS Sabre32 Reference DAC). Shunting Power Supplies, I2S (CD) and DSD (SACD) inputs from modded Denon 3910.