Systems Showcase

The Basement Setup

Here are some shots of the new HT set up in the basement. Polk Monitor 50s for the fronts, a Polk CS2 center. The rears are Polk Monitor 30s. I have a nice Velodyne sub that fills in the low end and after tuning with the Avia disk I think it sounds real nice. My set of HT leather chairs and couch. Thats a Sony Grand Wega SXRD 60 connected to the Hughes HTL DirecTV receiver, Samsung 850 upconverting DVD, Sony 835 receiver and my Monster Power MLKII 3500. Apple ipod video 60 doc.


  • DVD Player Samsung 850 upconverting 1080i
  • Sony 835 Receiver
  • Monster Power 3500
  • Hughes HTL HD DirecTV Receiver


  • Fronts: Polk Monitor 50s
  • Center: Polk CS2
  • Sub: Velodyne
  • Rears: Polk Monitor 30s

TV Monitor

  • Sony Wega 60 inch SXRD HDTV LCOS Projection