Systems Showcase

Vinyl, Tubes, Dual Concentric, and Headphones

I started out listening to CDs and looking down on mp3s; now listen to music on vinyl exclusively and look down on CDs :p Digital is relegated to casual listening and movies (admittedly DVDs can have pretty fantastic theatric sound). Since getting my SOTA TT in May 2007 I've quickly become a rabid vinyl fanatic - yes, it's that big a deal to me :D I started out with SS gear, now I prefer all tubes, though I've found some tube amps suck and some SS sounds awesome too. I'm a sucker for the aesthetics of tubes, I must admit. I looove headphones far more than most in the audio hobby. In fact most of my music listening takes place with headphones, despite having some fantastic speakers in the Tannoy Dimenions. I've owned or auditioned pretty much *everything* headphone-wise and the 3 pairs I own now (see equipment list) are spectacular. I like to use good headphone amps as preamps; they sound incredible in that capacity and the extra gain is a huge help for movies! For speakers, I realize that I've become a huge fan of the Tannoy Dual-Concentric speakers. I've heard the Sensys DC line, owned the Eyris DC3, and now the Dimension TD10. All are fantastic; the superb imaging and midrange coherence are a common theme. They are the only speakers I've heard that have a sweet-spot that's larger than the size of my head ;) I have recently moved the TD10's to the HDTV for movies, and I must admit it's going to be HARD to go back to anything less after hearing the definition, power, wide soundstage, pinpoint imaging, and completely 100% seamless presentation - even with phantom center and no sub (I have the center but it is is boxed up for now as that is currently 80 lbs. of center I do not have room for). For what it's worth, the Polk LSi25 were the first audition (a few years back) that made my jaw drop and lead me into this speaker game, and to this forum :) I've owned pairs of the LSi15, 9 and 7. Wish I'd just gone for the LSi25's first; would've saved me the first couple of upgrade cycles :p


  • Denon DVD-3910 bone-stock!


  • Sennheiser HD650
  • Audio-Technica ATH-L3000
  • Sony Qualia 010

Phono Stage

  • Benz Lukaschek PP1

Power Amps

  • VAC Auricle Monoblocks (KT88 tubes, 70 Watts/ch)

Preamps/Heaphone Amps

  • Eddie-Current Zana Deux (tube rectified, tube amp)
  • Singlepower SDS (SS rectified, tube amp)
  • Sugden Headmaster (class A SS)


  • Tannoy Dimension TD10


  • SOTA Star Sapphire Series III
  • Fidelity Research FR-64fx tonearm
  • Benz Micro Glider cartridge