Systems Showcase

The Basement - good music and good times

I finished part of my basement Feb-June '05. Front is the main listening/viewing area. Back is the bar area. The 1/2 wall that separates the two has a bar that overlooks into the front viewing area so you can watch a game, concert, or movie from the bar area. It was a lot of work, but it has proven to be a fun place to watch a game or movie, or just hang out in the bar. The audio is anchored by LS90s - day in and day out, I enjoy these speakers more than any other speakers I've ever owned. Jan 2011: updated to add JVC DLA-HD250 projector and Sony BDP-S1000ES Blu-ray player.

A/V Sources

  • Sony SCD-222ES CD/SACD
  • MSB Nelson Link III DAC with P1000 Power Supply
  • Music Hall DAC 25.2
  • Squeezebox Classic
  • Sony BDP-S1000ES Blu-ray
  • Time Warner HD Cable

Cables and Power Conditioning

  • Cables - MIT, Outlaw, Blue Jeans, AR Pro Series II
  • Panamax 500 DBS
  • Dedicated 20 Amp Circuit

Main Speakers

  • Polk LS90
  • Polk CS400i
  • Polk FX500i
  • Outlaw LFM-1 subwoofer

Other Speakers

  • Infinity SS-2005 - garage
  • Polk Monitor 7C - unfinished part of basement
  • Advent Marbl - Patio

Preamp and Amp

  • Pioneer Elite VSX-45TX
  • (2) Audiosource Amp Three - LS90s
  • Audiosource Amp One/A - CS400i
  • Cambridge Audio C500 Preamp

Video Display

  • JVC DLA-HD250 Projector
  • Da-Lite Permwall HCCV 100" Diag. (16x9) Screen