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Leecharbee Theater

this is my modest HT system that could not have been done without the information from this forum. I really appreciate the help and advice. 5.1 system with rti8, csi5, tc65i and svs 20-39 pci, denon 3805, oppo v971h, sony scd 2000es, xbox and temporarily direct tv h20 receiver, custom made sliding screen using goo digital gray lite.


  • Denon 3805 silver


  • phoenix gold speaker box 2 source 2 rooms


  • sony scd 2000es

game console

  • x box


  • Rti8 front left and Right
  • CSi5 center
  • TC65i side surrounds
  • SVS 20-39 pci

video Source

  • Oppo Vv971h
  • Directt Tv h20 HD