Systems Showcase

SRT Home Theater

After 10 years of searching, I scored a near mint set of SRT's and the dream was realized.


  • Pioneer Elite VSX-92TXH
  • 3 X Parasound HCA-1200II
  • Polk SRT Control Center
  • Oppo BDP-83
  • Dish Network DVR
  • Mitsubishi HC1500 HD DLP Projector
  • Da-lite motorized 8ft projection screen


  • Polk SRT Mains
  • Polk SRT Center
  • Polk TC265i x 4 rear
  • SVS PB12-Plus/2 (sub)

System Accessories

  • Universal MX-800 IR/RF Remote with RF receiver
  • Sennheiser HD-570 headphones
  • Compaq 3000kVA UPS