Systems Showcase

A lil new/a lil old home theatre system

The centerpiece of my home theatre is a new Denon AVR-1905 surround receiver, w/ a new 5-disk Sony DVP-NC875V DVD changer. Slightly new are the stereo stand and TV stand. The slightly older part is the Panamax MAX 500 Surge Protector/Line Conditioner. The older pieces, yet still outstanding pieces, are the 27" Mitsubishi TV, as well as, at least where the sound is concerned, the 6 speakers that make up the system - 2 RT6 Front channel tower speakers, 2 RT400 Rear channel tower speakers, a CS350-LS center channel speaker, and a PSW150 powered subwoofer (although, I will admit, I am considering upgrading to a more powerful subwoofer sometime in the not-so-distant-future - Polk Audio, of course). All cables conecting speakers to receiver, as well as components to receiver, be they audio cable, video cable, or optical cable, are Monster Cable (typically 500 Series).

Audio/Video Equipment

  • Mitsubishi 27" TV
  • Denon AVR-1905 7.1 channel DD/DTS Receiver
  • Sony DVP-NC875V 5-disk changer DVD player
  • Sony SLV-N500 VCR
  • Panamax MAX-500 Surge Protector/Line Conditioner


  • Monster Cable 5-channel speaker cabling
  • Monster Cable 500-Series audio/S-video cables
  • Monster Cable Optical cables


  • 2x RT6 Front channel tower speakers
  • 2x TR400 Rear channel tower speakers
  • CS350-LS Center channel speaker
  • PSW150 powered subwoofer