Systems Showcase

The finishing of a basement ...

Finally after 5 years we are finishing the basement. I will show the progress over the next couple of months with hopefully the grand opening sometime in April. The over all finished basement will be about 1400 sq ft. Step 1 [Complete] Layed out the basement design with blue tape so that I could get an idea of what it might really look like. Discussed the design with the general contractor and modified the plans several times. Finally the wood has been delivered and we are ready to go. Step 2 [Completed] Framing - Done Duct - Done Electrician - Done Plumber - Done Drywall - Done Painting - Done Carpet - Done Step 3 [In-Progress] I will update pictures as I get the basement put together.


  • Front L/R - LC265i (Mounted in Performance Enclosures)
  • Front Center - LC265i
  • Read L/R - LC80i