Systems Showcase

This is my basement system, I nicknamed it "Overkill" (for obvious reasons)

Yes I know, better sound can be had with much less. But the purpose here wasn't to achieve the best sound possible. The purpose was to get "great" sound along with a "shock and awe" look to the system and keep it all within my pay scale. Since I've always loved music as well as buttons, knobs, and switches, I combined both and got the sound I wanted as well as the eye candy. Since you can't hear this system, you may as well enjoy the eye candy, thanks for looking. Joe


  • 1-SAE Mark IV DM 100 wpc
  • 4-SAE 2400 200 wpc
  • 1-SAE 2500 300 wpc
  • 2-SAE 2600 400 wpc
  • Buttkicker BKA 1000N with dual tactile transducers

Electronic Crossover

  • 2- SAE 4000 crossovers


  • 2-Monster HTS3500
  • Furman M-8D
  • Furman Rackrider RR16 Plus

Preamp Processor

  • Pioneer SC-07
  • Behringer DEQ2496 Ultra Curve Pro
  • MSB Link Dac III (full-nelson modified)
  • MSB Power Base (modified)
  • Audio Authority 1177A selector
  • Monarchy Audio DIP 24/96
  • SAE 5000A noise reduction (for turntable)


  • Sony BDP CX7000ES 400-disc Blu-ray/DVD/CD player
  • Sony CX300 300-disc cd player
  • Sony CX400 400-disc cd player
  • Sony CX450 400-disc cd player
  • Sony CX455 400-disc cd player
  • Akai GX4000D reel to reel
  • SAE 8000 tuner
  • Technics 1100A turntable
  • Epson 8500 UB with Carada 100" screen
  • Sony PS3


  • Mains: Polk SDA SRS
  • Rear: Polk 3.1 TL
  • Side Surrounds: Polk FXi5
  • Center Channel: Polk CSi3
  • Side Axis: Yamaha
  • Sub-Woofer: Dual SVS 20-29
  • Center SVS subwoofer