Systems Showcase

Polk RM6900, RC60I, Philips Plasma, Yamaha 7.1 Rcv

Philips 42PF9966 With Ambilight Yamaha HTR5990 7.1 A/V RCVR With 720p/1080i HDMI Upconversion Sony 720p/1080i upconverting DVD player Polk RM6900 Front, Center, Surr. Back Left, Surr. Back Right speakers and Subwoofer Polk RC60i in ceiling Surr. Left and Surr. Right speakers.


  • Yamaha HTR5990 7.1 A/V 720p/1080i Upscaling HDMI Switching


  • Polk RM6901 Front Left, Right and Center
  • Polk RM6900 Subwoofer
  • Polk RM6800 Surround Back Right And Surround Back Left
  • Polk RC60I In Ceiling Surround Right and Surround Left


  • Philips 42PF9966 With Ambilight