Systems Showcase

RTi H/T System

This is my first H/T system. I am using a H/K 635 receiver, Rotel RB985 amp, RTi8's (cherry finish) for the fronts, CSi5 center, FXi5's rears, SVS 20-39 PCi sub, and a Panamax 5100-EX line conditioner.


  • Rotel RB985 (Bi-amped for the RTi8's)
  • AQ Diamondback I/C's

DVD/CD Player

  • Sony DVP-NS715P

IC/Speaker Cables

  • AudioQuest Type 8 Speaker cables single bi-wire configuration (front & center channels)
  • AQ OptiLink-1 Toslink (DVD)
  • AQ YIQ-3 Component (DVD)
  • AQ OptiLink-1 Toslink (Satelitte)
  • AQ S-1 S-Video (Satelitte)
  • AQ Type 2 wire (FXi5's)

Line Conditioner

  • Panamax 5100-EX


  • Harman Kardon AVR 635
  • AQ NRG-2 Power Cable


  • Logitech Harmony 880

Satelitte Receiver

  • Dish Network 721 Dual Tuner DVR


  • Polk RTi8's (fronts)
  • Polk CSi5 (center)
  • Polk FXi5 (rears)
  • SVS 20-39 PCi (subwoofer)


  • Toshiba 36" 36A42