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My Polk Audio LSi Dream Home Theater System

Sorry no pics but, I haven't actually bought the stuff yet and plus I don't have a digi cam to post pics of my current system either. My current system is a 24" Sylvania TV, LG DVF 9900 DVD Player, Scientific Atlanta cable box, Onkyo TX-SR503, Pioneer CS-G9001 (front speakers), Polk Audio CS1 (center channel), Polk Audio Monitor 40 (surround), Paradigm Monitor series bipole/dipole (rear surround). I'll tell you a brief description of how I'm setting up my home theater. I'll probably have I think a 16' x 26' just for my home theater: LSi 25 fronts in the top corners of the room cati-cornered facing me LSi C center on top of my TV (for now) later on mounted under my wall-mounted Plasma LSi FX (1)surrounds mounted to the sides of me about eye level standing on a chair LSi FX (2)rear surrounds mounted behind me about ear level sitting down PSW 1000 (2)behind my couch on opposites sides of it (maybe)

Cables / Wire

  • Monster Ultra Series THX 1000 Fiber Optical Digital Cable (8') $99.99
  • Monster Ultra Series THX 1000 Coaxial Digital Cable (8') $99.99
  • Monster Ultra Series THX 1000 Center Channel Cable (10') $49.99
  • Monster Ultra Series THX 1000 Front Speakers Cable (20') $159.99
  • Monster Ultra Series THX 1000 Subwoofer Cable (25') $99.99
  • Monster Ultra Series THX 1000 14 guage Surround Speaker Cable (500') $275.00

Monster Power Surge Protection

  • Home Theatre Reference PowerSource HTPS 7000 with Dual Balanced Pure Power Isolation Transformers $1,299.95
  • Subwoofer Powercenter SW 200 w/Clean Power Stage 1 $49.95
  • Signature Series Automatic Voltage Stabilizer AVS 2000 $1,699.95
  • Home Theatre UPS 500 for DLP, Rear Projection, Projection TV's & DVR/PVR $299.95
  • Computer PowerCenter PC 800 HP, Clean Power, 1665 Joules, 50K CEG $79.95

Processor / Amplifier

  • Outlaw Audio 990 (Processor) $1,099.00
  • Outlaw Audio 7700 (Amplifier [300 watts x 7 @4ohms]) $1,999.00


  • Polk Audio LSi25 (Front Speakers) $2,499.98
  • Polk Audio LSiC (Center Channel) $599.99
  • Polk Audio LSiFX (Surround) $999.99
  • Polk Audio LSiFX (Rear Surround) $999.99
  • Polk Audio PSW1000 (Subwoofer [2]) $1,999.98