Systems Showcase

Brian's Modest HT System

Well, I haven't been a home audio/video enthusiast for very long. About 6 month's to be exact. This little project of mine started with a need for a bigger TV. So out to Best Buy I went and the rest is history. Now I'm hooked and I can't stop thinking about what I'm gonna do next. At this point, I have a modest $4500 in equipment into the system. I also have about $800 wrapped up into the wiring for the system. I'm using all Monster cables throughout the system. Anyway's, I hope you all enjoy my little setup. It's perfect for me and my wife at this point. Take care!

DVD Player

  • Toshiba D-R4SU


  • Playstation 2


  • Onkyo TX-SR573


  • Polk CS1
  • Polk Monitor 70's
  • Polk PSW12
  • Pioneer CS-K535


  • Toshiba 46" DLP