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New Polk HT now done

With the help of forum member Grimster (my pal) I was able to design a dedicated theater room that allows one to enjoy the best audio/visual experience in a Home Theater. Talking via IM really gave us a chance to talk "shop", exchange ideas and input on the build. Months later construction began, and now completed. The room itself is 14x22 and is fully sealed. In order to do this I had all 4 walls poured with solid concrete during the building stage of the home. From there I had each wall insulated, etc. Even under the carpet I had sound padding installed to prevent echos, etc. The room itself is on 6 dedicated 20amp breakers. Power to the PJ is on its own dedicated 20 amp breaker as well. I also installed 2 outlets in the floor behind the second row of seating and also in the riser behind the 1st row. All CAN and rope lighting are controlled by IR using the Lutron Spacer System. For networking there is a dedicated 100meg fiber line running to the house, from there each room has outlets for LAN. I run a D-link switch in the H/T room so the gear can access the internet for downloads, upgrades, gaming, etc. I chose Polk Speakers based on reputation and value. The end result is simply amazing SQ/PQ in the room. New System consists of JVC DLA-RS10 PJ Carada 126" Criterion Screen RTi12s front CSi5 Center FXi3 side surround RTi4 rear surround SVS PB12 Plus 2 x 2 (subs) Pioneer Elite SC-07 (pre/pro) D-Sonic Magnum 1000S (amp) Sunfire TGA-5200 (amp) Velodyne SMS-1 Toshiba HD XA2 HD DVDp Oppo BDP-83 Blu-Rayp Xbox 360 Monster 7000/3500 MKII Power Conditioners Marantz CC4001 CDp Signal Cable Interconnects BJC 10/12 awg Speaker Cable Harmony One Remote SpeakerCraft IR kit


  • JVC DLA RS10 Projector
  • Carada 126in Criterion Screen


  • Pioneer Elite SC-07 pre/pro
  • Sunfire TGA-5200
  • Monster 7000/3500 MKII Power Conditioners
  • Panasonic BD30 Blu Ray player
  • Toshiba HD XA2 HD DVD player
  • Xbox 360
  • Sony Digital Cable Receiver
  • Marantz CC4001 CDP
  • Velodyne SMS-1 Bass Processor
  • D-Sonic Magnum 1000S


  • RTi12s fronts
  • CSi5 center
  • FXi3 side surround
  • RTi4 rear surround
  • SVS Pb12 Plus 2 x 2