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This system has pieces of a system i had earlier in life. Hence, i haven't upgraded two of the devices, as they work just fine, and there is no need. To start, i have ensured my system with a Panamax M4300-EX power centre. At the system's core is a Pioneer VSX-80TXV into which i have fed a Toshiba HD-A2, PS2, SNES, Xbox, Technics SL-PD9 5 disc changer, 60GB IPOD, and my computer. If you want me to get nerdy, ill tell you what's inside it later. For a monitor, i have a 42'' Pioneer PDP-42A3HD plasma set. I have also included a Sennheiser HDR-120 Wireless RF headphones for those long car wash days, and for homework. As far as speakers, i was on a budget, and got 5 Sapphire on walls, and an extra 1500 series for my centre. I also have a Martin Logan Dynamo, as well as an old 12'' Sony hiding in my closet. HDDVD and the computer are connected via Audioquest HDMI, and the XBOX and PS2 are add-on component cable from monster. All audio feed is run with Audioquest optical cable, save the CD player, for i ran out of optical inputs on the reciever. That using Audioquest Sidewinder cables. In addition, all speaker wire is Audioquest CL3 directional, save the three surround speakers, which coincidentally, are radioshack lol. I would have run all my wires in-wall, although a few obstacles prevented me from doing so. Directly above my monitor, there is an air duct which is bolted to the attic, preventing me from being able to get into the crevice where i would have liked to drop the wires. Also, being my folk's house, they didn't want me going apeshit cutting holes in a house that they plan to sell in 2 years. All in all, i would say that working as a home installer for a home theater store payed its dues and then some. Thanks for looking!

CD Player

  • Technics SL-PD9

DVD Player

  • Toshiba HD-A2 HDDVD


  • Pioneer PDP-42A3HD

Graphic Equalizers

  • Technics SH-GE50
  • Pioneer VSX-80TXV

Head End

  • Pioneer Elite VSX-80TXV


  • Audioquest HDMI, Component, and Optical

Media Storage Devices

  • Personal Computer
  • 60GB IPOD


  • Sapphire Audio SAT-1000 (X5), SAT-1500 (X1)


  • Martin Logan Dynamo 10''
  • Sony SA-WM40 12''

Video Games

  • Playstation 2
  • XBox
  • Super Nintendo Entertainment System