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Stealthy 7.2 In-Wall HT Install

When this HT project began, I envisioned a complete in-wall system which was non cluttered and off limits to my little ones overly curious hands, fingers, feet etc. I wanted no "sounding" furniture as I have always had been accustomed. However, I did not want to give up the sound quality that is typical with most in-wall set-ups. The Polk in-wall's did not disappoint! Please note that I am not a professional installer- just an average DIY'er that has always loved to wire crap up! So please dont be too critical!


  • Pioneer VSX-1016TXV - Reciever/Pre Amp
  • 2- "Old School" NAD 906 Muliti Channel Amps
  • Polk SWA500 - Sub Amp
  • Sony CDP-CX355 - CD Changer
  • IPod Classic = w/ docking station


  • Carol 12-2 In-Wall Speaker Wire
  • GLS Banana Plugs w/ Custom Made Wires
  • A/R HDMI Cable's
  • A/R Optical Cables
  • White Zombie El Chupacabra interconnects


  • Old Bulletproof Fast Laptop w/ Docking Station connected to Plasma
  • 2.4 Ghz Wireless Keyboard & Mouse
  • High Speed Belkin Wireless Router


  • 2- Monster Powerbar 1100 - dedicated 20 amp fuses in fuse box
  • Sanus VMSA - Plasma Mount
  • Structured Wiring with Phone, Security Cams, Intercom
  • Greyfox Intercom System
  • Greyfox Security Cameras w LCD Displays
  • Greyfox Channel Modulator
  • Panasonic -IP Wireless Netcams


  • Confidential
  • Secondary Security by S&W and Colt


  • 2- LC265i's as Front Mains
  • 1- TC265i as Center Channel
  • 2- LC80i's as Surround R & L
  • 2- LC80i's as Surround Back R & L
  • 2- CSW200's as Subs
  • 2-Polk Atrium 55 - Patio Speakers


  • LG 42PCD3 - 42" Plasma
  • LG DN191H - Upconverting DVD Player
  • PS3 Gaming & Blu-Ray HD
  • Panasonic VCR/DVD Recorder
  • PACE TDC779X Tahoe HD/DVR Cablebox