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7.1 Home Theater Bliss

With the help of my husband, my home theater is nearly complete. What started out as an unfinished room with some 2 x 4's holding the walls up has slowly evolved into a rather decent looking and great sounding entertainment room. Though it will never grace any audiophile type magazines, I am proud of what we have done. All of the wiring was done by ourselves. We ran 12 gauge Monster Z-series , RG-6U quad-shield, HDMI , phone wire and S-video all in wall. All the wall plates are Dayton Audio. All of the cable interconnects are also Dayton Audio. The receiver unfortunately does not have HDMI switching capabilities so we ran a 30 foot long Dayton Signature HDMI cable directly from our Sony DVD player to our JVC 65" RPTV. Our power hungry RTI-12's,as well as the CSI-5 each have a dedicated power amp by AudioSource. We upgraded the power cable the amps came with 12 gauge cable and Marinco IEC terminals. The 12's three woofers sure rock with over 350+ dedicated watts running to them- but just to be sure you can really feel the bass we also have a JBL sub to bring in the bottom end. Needless to say , with all that gear in a rack we worried about heat issues so we have four 4" Radio Shack cooling fans keeping the amps, cd changer, dvd player and the pre-pro cool. We never go to movies- with a system like ours we put all the neighboring theaters to shame.


  • Dayton Audio Signature HDMI Cable
  • Dayton Audio RCA Interconnects
  • Monster Cable Z-series
  • Dayton Audio Component Video and S-Video Cable
  • 12 gauge power wire
  • Marinco Hospital grade IEC connectors


  • Sony STR-DA5000ES Audio/Video Pre/Pro Receiver
  • AudioSource AMP200 ( bridged mono 250watt center)
  • AudioSource AMP300 x 2 ( bridged mono 350+watt amps driving mains)
  • Sony CDP-CX455 (400 disc cd changer )
  • Sony DVP-NS3100ES ( DVD player )
  • JVC I-Art PRO 65" Projection Television
  • Furman Power Conditioner M8D x 2
  • Eliminator E-107 ( fan controller )
  • Radio Shack 4 1/2" cooling fans x 4
  • AudioSource Amp200 x 2 ( rear surround channels )

  • A great DIY source for everything Audio/Video


  • Polk RTI-12 (front channels)
  • Polk CSI-5 (center channel)
  • Infinity US-1 x 4 ( surround channels )
  • JBL Studio Series L8400P (Subwoofer)