Systems Showcase

Bertrand Cinema 1

Well, it finally happened, I jumped into the home theater pool. I was still using my 12 year old Bose 301's and Pioneer stereo receiver until a few weeks ago. I have now upgraded to bi-amped Monitor 40's up front, (to be) bi-wired Monitor 30's in the rear, a CS1 as the center and the PSW10 for the bottom end. Powering all of this is the Pioneer VSX-816 with the rear back surround and front channels powering the Monitor 40's. Unfortunately, I don't have the big TV yet or HD, but I truthfully don't have that much room for it now as it is. 27" Daewoo, Sony Progressive scan DVD player, Sony VCR(acts primarily as a video switcher right now), & Dish Network PVR round out the rest of the equipment. Plans to mount surround speakers and purchase new cables for all to be done hopefully within the next month(preferably before the Superbowl).

A/V Receiver

  • Pioneer VSX-816-K/S


  • Blue Jeans cable
  • Audio Research Digital cables for DVD and DVR
  • Monster Sub cable


  • Polk Monitor 40's (front channel)
  • Polk CS1 (center channel)
  • Polk Monitor 30's (surround channel)
  • Polk PSW10 (subwoofer)


  • 27" Daewoo