Systems Showcase

My Home Theater

Built in an unfinished basement of my new (used) house, I equipped the room with all Polk LSI speakers (My Monitor 11 and 12b's were a little too big) To enhance the low end (and not have to beat up the subwoofers) I added bass shakers to each of the seats. This enables me to greatly reduce the level of bass from the mains (and keeps the house a little quieter). Because my screen is so large I chose to have 2 center channel speakers (one on top and one on bottom) so they would blend exactly in the middle of the image lining up exactly with the height of the LSI-25's. These pics are about 2 years old, sorry about the outdated movie poster.. I change these regularly!


  • Denon 5803
  • NAD 2 channel stereo amp (for bass shakers)

Everything Else

  • Sony 400-disk DVD Changer
  • JVC 7 disk DVD Carousel
  • Pioneer Laserdisk player (dusty)
  • JVC S-VHS VCR (very dusty)
  • Direct TV HD DVR (Tivo)
  • Home Theater PC (self built)
  • Monster Power Surge Protection
  • H/K 8 channel whole house amp
  • Leviton Tuscana DHC Controller (lights)
  • 7" TFT screen for monitoring


  • Sony VPL-VW12HT
  • 120' (Diagonal) Permwall screen


  • Polk LSI-25 (front Left/Right)
  • Polk LSI-9 (Center x2, rear Left/Right)
  • Bass Shakers (x4) affixed to each seat