Systems Showcase

In Progress....

Here is the Rig so far upstairs....I will update after I get the 50" DLP back in the mix and the HD-DVD player hooked up...As you can see, this room sucks...This configuration is the only one I have been able come up with that I don't sit on top of the TV....Right now the pre is a Carver C-11 with the power coming from a Carver M400t...The DVD player is a Marantz DV-8300...Monster HTS1600, and DirecTV DVR with a Wii and a PS2 flanking it....Sunfire Super Junior sub, and Tannoy System 8 monitors for now....


  • Carver M400t

DVD Players...

  • Marantz DV-8300
  • Toshiba HD-A2


  • Carver C-11


  • Sunfire Super Junior


  • Tannoy System 8