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A Beginners 5.1 on poor budget

Hello, Im just beginning my new and first 5.1 PC Theater... i've got the POLK Rti4's for the front, a pair of Bose Virtually Invisible Cubes for the Center Channel and Bose 161's for the Surround. my system is powered by an Onkyo TX-SR304S which pushes 65 watts @ 8 ohms My Subwoofer was put together using three units purchased from Parts Express. The Enclosure, by Dayton Audio is the 1.0 Cu Ft Precut Enclosure. The Driver is by Pioneer. The PIONEER TS-W251R 10" SUBWOOFER. which is a car sub and is now sold at $43 instead of the $70 i paid in december. and the Sub amp is the DAYTON SA240-B 240W SUBWOOFER AMPLIFIER. the one with the 30hz Boost. My little theater is located in my tiny living room. I listen to Hillsong, Avalon, Vineyard, Aaliyah, Beyonce, Darlene Zchech, George Michael,Madonna Spice Girls, Twelve Girls Band and alot of other various artists in the genre of hip-hop, R&B and Rap. My two favorite movies to watch is X-men: The Last Stand and The Fifth Element(which has yet to be played with my new system[i stepped on the cd case and cracked both.])


  • Bose Virtually Invisible Cube x2


  • Polk Rti4


  • Onkyo TX-SR304S


  • 10 inch Pioneer/Dayton 1cuft enclosure/Dayton SA240 240w Sub Amp


  • Bose 161