Systems Showcase

My rig.

New write up and pictures soon.

Bedroom Rig

  • Tannoy S8 with Claritycap MR and Dayton Caps
  • Pass B1 Buffer Pre with Claritycap ESA caps
  • 2 Channel Gainclone
  • Integra Research DPS-6.5
  • Canare 4S11 speaker cable and Neotech interconnects

Dedicated 2 Channel Rig

  • Wyred 4 Sound DAC-2
  • Wyred 4 Sound ST-500
  • Cambridge 550C as transport
  • Custom Speakers consisting of ScanSpeak Air Circ Tweeters, Seas 4.5" Magnesium Mid/Woofers, Seas 10" Magnesium Woofers, Duelund CAST, and Claritycap MR, ESA Capacitors, Goertz Inductors, and Duelund Resistors.
  • Jolida JD-9A with Claritycap MR Coupling Caps
  • Rega P1 with Glass Platter
  • Bright Star Isolation Platforms
  • MIT AVt MA Speaker Cables, custom balanced cables consisting of Neotech 28ga sold core OCC wire and Vampire XLR connectors, SignalCable and Wyred 4 Sound Power Cords
  • Richard Grey 600S

Goertz Flatwire

HT/2 channel/gaming rig

  • Wyred 4 Sound STI-500 with WBT binding posts, for 2 channel listening
  • Wyred 4 Sound DAC-1
  • Tannoy HPD-385A, Mains, Custom 200 liter cabs, point to point x-overs with Claritycap MR caps, Alpha Core Inductors, Duelund Resistors, Cardas Cable for cabinet and crossover rewire
  • Tannoy S8C Center channel, modded with Claritycap MR and Dayton caps, and Mills resistors
  • Tannoy S8LR upgraded with Claritycap MR caps for surround rears
  • Onkyo TX-SR707 HT receiver
  • 5 Channel Gainclone for HT center and surrounds
  • PC Music Server and Gaming Machine i7 920, 6 gigs of OCZ Gold DDR3, P6T Deluxe Mobo, NVidia 260 Black Edition Video Card, 1.5 TB of HD space, W7 64 on 60g SS drive, PC Power and Cooling Silencer 750 PS, ASUS Xonar HD AV1.3 sound card, Coolmaster V10 Hybrid CPU cooler(HUGE), Antek Fushion Max HTPC case, Blu Ray drive, Logitech G9x laser mouse, Logitech G110 keyboard
  • Neotech balanced cable with Vampire ends, Canare 4S11 speaker cable with Vampire termination
  • eD A5-300 subwoofer
  • Pure A/V Hybrid UPS for HT rig
  • Pure A/V HT UPS for PC music server/gaming machine and network
  • Samsung 55" LED TV
  • HDTV DVR Box