Systems Showcase

2 channel for the digital lifestyle...

Lots of cool stuff moves in and out of my apartment all the time it seems, so it is hard to keep this up-to-date. Just know that the good sound you hear as you walk by my door is made possible by my love for music, my job, and my (very) understanding wife, whom without, I would have far less inspiration for such things.


  • NAD C350 (using the amp section)


  • 2 sets of Wireworld ICs
  • 2 sets of Vampire ICs


  • MHDT Dialogue II

Digital Accessories

  • hagUSB s/pdif adapter for PC
  • Monarchy Audio DIP Classic


  • Sennheiser HD555

Power Conditioning

  • PS Audio 20a Ultimate Outlet
  • 40db filtering power strip


  • NAD c160


  • JBL PRO III restored w/ upgraded woofers
  • PSB Alpha T
  • PSB Alpha B

Tube Processor

  • Grant Fidelity B-283 (Tubed buffer)


  • Sansui TU-417 fully restored