Systems Showcase

welcome to the man-cave!

The "man-cave" is a 16'x18.5' room smack in the middle of our basement. The ceiling is 8'8". It has been a difficult room to get great sound in, but I'm pretty happy with it now, after fighting it for ten years. I finally learned to work with it instead of against it! I originally designed the room with klipschorns in mind, but they just didn't sing in it. I then went through a bunch of speakers before essentially giving up on it, at least for serious 2-channel music listening, relegating it to home theater use, at which it seemed to naturally shine. But then I had what turned out to be a great idea. The room always tended to sound lifeless and closed in, so I thought Bose 901's might just be a good fit in that environment. The hunch paid off big time. They sound fantastic in there! 7/30/10 I just added a new Adcom GFA-5500 to drive the Bose 901's. Wow! What a difference. The ever-present hiss I had with the little Onkyo amp is gone and bass is much stronger. And I haven't really even cranked'em up to life-like levels yet! 11/13/10 More upgrades in Rocktober and November! Last month I added the NAD C165BEE, which has been a great move. It let me get the Bose EQ upstream of the pre's gain circuits, which banished the last remnants of noise to inaudiblity. YAY! And compared to using the Pioneer receiver as a front end for the 2-channel rig, it is much more detailed and three-dimensional. I was really surprised it made such a big difference in sound. This past week I found a good deal on the TEAC CD-RW880 CD recorder. I bought it to get the last of our LP collection into the digital domain. Unfortunately, I just discovered this one has a bad R-channel output, so I'll have to send it back from whence it came. But I really do like it, the little I've played with it, so I will definitely try another one. 12/25/10 The Mrs. got me the new TEAC CD-RW890 for Christmas - HO-HO-HO!

Mama's mini a/v set-up

  • Sharp 32" tee-vee
  • Panasonic DVD recorder
  • DirecTV DVR

bedroom stereo

  • Onkyo CR-315 CD-Receiver
  • Onkyo D-N7X speakers
  • Onkyo SKW-204 10" sub

family room 2-channel A/V

  • Samsung 47" crt rear pro HDTV
  • DirecTV HD DVR
  • Panasonic VCR/DVD player

media cave

  • Sony KDS-60A3000 60" rp hdtv
  • Sony BDP-S300 Blu-ray player
  • Pioneer Elite VSX-55TXi a/v receiver
  • Pioneer Elite DV-47Ai universal DVD player
  • DirecTV HD receiver
  • a/d/s/ HT-400LCR front speakers (3)
  • a/d/s/ HT-300 rear speakers(2)
  • Velodyne DLS-4000R 12" subs (2)
  • Technics SL-BD20D turntable w/ Audio-Technica P34 cartridge
  • Sony SLV-779HF VCR
  • Bose 901 VI (for 2-channel music)
  • Adcom GFA-5500 (for the 901's)
  • NAD C-165BEE preamp
  • TEAC CD-RW890 CD recorder
  • Slim Devices Squeezebox Classic