Systems Showcase

Chicagoland Polkfest 2007

Early On Friday May 18th, 2007 SCompRacer (Rich), Halo (Victor), Haloís wife Jessica & brother Greg descended upon the home of MikeC78 & his wife Annie to set up and kick off the first ever Chicagoland Polkfest. Later that day HTrookie (Ricardo) & dkg999 (Doug) arrived to join in the festivities. Friday was a pretty hectic day to start with but after the rigs were situated it was time to kick back and enjoy the music. The day was filled with good times, good tunes, good food, and good people. What more could you ask for? How about more Polkies to join in the fun on Saturday? Well, thatís exactly what we got! More Polkies, more gear, more food, and, thanks to opus (Kevin), MORE BEER! Saturday was a full cast of characters (13 in all)! After everyone decided to abandon the downstairs rig due to the roomís undesirable acoustics (plus it wasnít easy to get Halo down there without risking unnecessary injury) we were at capacity for comfortable enjoyment of the main 2 channel rig and the HT (both located on the main floor). Due to some unfortunate circumstances "Polk" Paul DiComo was not able to attend but Paul & Polk Audio stepped up to the plate BIG TIME donating shirts (to be given away) as well as an I-Sonic. The I-Sonic was raffled off with the proceeds going to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Signal Cable donated an entire box o' cables (more than enough for the upstairs & downstairs 2 channel rigs) that were given away as door prizes at the end. Everyone went home with something from Signal Cable. A wide variety of gear and speakers were on tap for all to enjoy all weekend. Our Gracious hosts Mike & Annie made us all feel at home for the duration of the event. It was a great time full of Midwest hospitality thanks to all who participated.