Systems Showcase

SDCFAN18's Modest HT!

Seeing as we still live in an apartment, space is an issue. I custom built the cabinet, but as usual have things I would have liked to done differently. I think instead of doors, I should have built a black aluminum rack with faceplates. Oh well, there's always next time!


  • DVD - Pioneer 490V (upconverting to 1080i)
  • PS3 - 60G


  • Samsung 50A550


  • Yamaha HTR-6190
  • Emotiva XPA-3


  • Mains - RTi10
  • Center - RTi A6
  • Surrounds - M20
  • Subwoofer - D-Box David330 (it was good when all I wanted was to shake the room, but I'm looking for something new)