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RTi10/CSi5 in Small Apartment Living Room

I currently have 4 RTi10s (Front Left & Right, Rear Left & Right) and a CSi5 center channel. I have a 12 inch Sony sub that I've had for about 5 years as well, but not sure on the model (it was pretty inexpensive). I have Sony STR-DG1000 receiver powering the two rear speakers and acting as a pre/pro. It is using a SignalCable Magic Power Digital Reference cord and SignalCable Analog2 ICs between it and the amp. I am using an Emotiva XPA-5 to power all 5 channels (Signal Magic Power PC). All speakers have Signal Cable Ultra Speaker Cable with banana connectors running to them and custom jumpers from Signal to connect the two pairs of binding posts. I have an HD Scientific Atlantic Cable Box from Bright House Networks. I use a PS3 for Blu Ray playback over HDMI and upscaled DVDs (using another Signal Digital Reference PC). I also have a Wii, Xbox 360 and an original Xbox running XBMC to stream MP3s and and my DVD collection from my computer. Everything goes into the Receiver and out to a 57" Sony CRT RPTV. All power is run through a Panamax M5500ex (with Signal Magic Power PC)

Power Amps

  • Emotiva XPA-5

Power Conditioner

  • Panamax M5500ex

Power Cords

  • 2x SignalCable Magic Power Digital Reference
  • 2x SignalCable Magic Power Power Cord


  • Sony STR-DG1000


  • Logitech Harmony 880


  • Polk RTi10 (Front and Rear Channels)
  • Polk CSi5 (Center Channel)
  • Sony SA-WM40 12" Sub


  • Sony 57" CRT RPTV

Video Games

  • Sony PS3
  • Microsoft Xbox 360
  • Microsoft Xbox
  • Nintendo Wii