Systems Showcase

SDA-2A + Monitor 10B Stereo

It all started with my grandparent's vintage 10Bs. Rather than see them chucked, I took them in. Well, of course then I needed a receiver... Thus the Carver was added from Craigslist... Well of course I kept browsing... Found the SDAs, couldn't pass them up... Well, here we are: two 5.75 foot high stacks of vintage Polk goodness! When will the madness end? The room is not great acoustically - a steel door behind and between the speakers, too narrow to properly space the speakers apart, and there's a little wall sticking out just in front of each speaker that I know is doing ugly things to the acoustics. Currently the quality of my sources is slowly catching up with the quality of the speakers and amplification - I added CDs and records over the holidays.


  • Carver HR-752


  • iPod
  • Computer
  • half-broken CD player
  • Denon DP-35F turntable


  • Vintage Polk Monitor 10B
  • Polk SDA-2A