Systems Showcase

2 x 2.1 for music & HT for now

Outlaw Audio 2.1 Receiver RR2150, 160W per ch. into 4 x Polk Monitor 70s. Subout to an Epik Valor 330W sealed 15" sub. Sony 52" HDTV. Sony ES-series CD transport. Four corners placement. Subwoofer by TV faces center of room. Speakers positioned toe-in, atop end tables or atop sub about 20-22 in. high, 1 foot from corners. Room treatments: Long drapes on windows, wall-to-wall carpet, 3 couches and 2 recliners. Best sound near room center plus 2-3 feet forward (lag in sound from rear speakers, so stage appears in front). Minus 2-3 feet from center, soundstage appears to be at rear of room (lag in sound from fronts). Along end wall in rear, or along side wall, interesting 3D effects: (1) Tweeters have narrow directional dispersion (mainly on-axis), so treble instruments seem to emanate from speaker that points most directly at the listener. (2) Mid-range drivers have wide dispersion arc, so midrange music (sax, vocals, piano, brass) seem to emanate from the speaker physically closest to the listener.

CD transport

  • Sony ES-series CD player circa. 1991


  • 52" Sony Bravia W-Series KDL-52W4100 1080p 120Hz


  • Outlaw Audio RR2150


  • 4 polk monitor 70s
  • 1 epik valor 15" sub