Systems Showcase

MicroPRO 4000, LSi25, RT-20P - All the best of the best!

Polk Audio had me hooked the first time I hooked up my old RT600s a couple years ago. Those were soon replaced with RT20P towers, the CS350LS center and LS-f/x rears. I scored that whole setup for a mere $275 (The guy had to be a moron!). Recently I scored a killer deal on a Polk Audio DSW MicroPRO 4000 sub, a nice addition! On top of that are the flagship LSi25 towers. The best sound that I have ever heard, but just a little above the massive old RT-20P towers. This combination is by far the best sounding that I have ever heard, even in my weird shaped bedroom.


  • LSi25 Towers (Cherry)
  • Polk RT-20P Towers
  • Polk CS-350LS
  • Polk LS-f/x
  • Polk MicroPRO 4000 subwoofer
  • Pioneer VSX-517K
  • Kenwood KD-52FB - Turntable
  • XBOX 360 Elite
  • Samsung LN32A550
  • Onkyo 6-disc dvd changer