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My poor theater

I still don't have a finished theater yet but I really want to have one. I already have some of the gears such as the receiver, amplifier and speakers. Even if it's far from finish, I'm already using it and am very happy with the performance. Here are my gears. Receiver: Yamaha RXV1400 Receiver Fronts L/R: Polk Audio RTA 11TL Surrounds L/R: Polk Audio RTA 11T Surround Backs L/R(monopoles on steroids): Paradigm Atoms Center: Polk Audio CSi5 - Coming soon Subwoofer: DIY Infinitely Baffled using two FiCar Audio two Q18s IB IB Sub Amplifier: QSC PLX 2402 at 2400 Watts Bridged Mode Previous Subwoofer: SVS 20-39 PCi Cylinder-Type Equalizer: Behringer Feedback Destroyer DSP1124P - Coming soon Cable box: Comcast DCT 6200 DIY PVR: Linux HTPC - MythTV 0.21 HighDef Player: Toshiba HDDVD HD-A2 v2.8 Firmware BluRay Player: Thinking between Panasonic and Pioneer Video Matrix: Autopatch 1YDM - 4x4, 5 modules/boards Autopatch 1YDM - 8x8, 2 modules/boards Projector: Sony VPH 1272 CRT HDCP Stripper: HDFury


  • Sony VPH 1272 CRT projector
  • HDFury(RGBHV out with HDCP stripper)


  • Yamaha RXV-1400


  • Polk RTA 11TLs(front channel)
  • Polk RTA 11Ts(surround L/R)
  • Paradigm Atoms(Suround Back L/R)
  • dual FiCar Audio Q18s (IB subwoofer)

Subwoofer Amplifier

  • QSC PLX 2402 @ 2400watts bridge mode

Video Matrix Distribution

  • AutoPatch 1YDM, Wideband modules(HD)
  • AutoPatch 1YDM, Standard modules(Line Audio/VIDEO)