Systems Showcase

SRT's in the house

I'm a long time polkie, (always have been and always will be). I've come a long way from very humble beginnings (RT10's). I feel though now that the journey's at an end (for now anyways). I always wanted SRT's and it wasn't till a friend based in Miami beach said he was bringing a container home, that he'd chuck them in if i found some, that i actually seriously looked. Two days later i found some on Craigslist for $800 obo.... I took the biggest risk of my life and sent the guy a cheque, the rest is history.........


  • Denon A1SR
  • Denon DCD1500AE Sacd player
  • Denon AM/FM Tuner
  • POLK AUDIO SRTs-with no plate amps
  • POLK audio RT55i's
  • POLK AUDIO FX500i's
  • I/C's Audioquest, Straightwire
  • Speaker cable Audioquest Rocket44
  • Rack - Homemade
  • Sony Bravia 50in SXRD
  • Panasonic BD30