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RM 7600 w/PSW650!$!

This system is "THE RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE"! The best wall mount(thin set)speakers Polk Audio sold,with their biggest and best woofer(PSW650)(2 10" subs in one amped box).Whith my THX Ultra2 certified ONKYO amp/receiver and my 2008 58" Panosonic 1080P PLASMA. I couldn't ask for much more!Oh yeah, my PS3 plays beautiful BlueRay's and my BellHD6000 also has great HD like when I watch the Leafs,Raptors,NFL and of course PPV.I just watched UFC in HD and it was AMAZING!!! Brian Hamilton,Ontario,Canada


  • PS3


  • BellExpressVu HD6000
  • Veiwsat 2000(Platinum)


  • PSW650(Subwoofer)
  • 4 RM 4300SAT(Front&Rear Channels)
  • 1 RM 4600CC (Centre Channel)


  • Panasonic TH-58PZ750U