Systems Showcase

Upstairs Main System

These are a few photos of my main system upstairs. A few things have changed since these photos, so I'll take some more and update here shortly. I'm still working a few things out. Right now I have one of my centers resting on the front sub. I know this is not the ideal place for it, but I have but rubber insulaters on the bottom of the center channel to try to absorb some vibration. This is just temporary until I can find a better solution and/or stand.


  • Belkin V.1.3 HDMI Cables
  • Audioquest Diamondback Interconnects
  • Belkin 10 and 12 guage OFC Speaker Cables with banana connectors
  • Audioquest Sidewinder ICs
  • BW Audio Silver ICs


  • LG LG4750 LCD TV
  • Denon AVR-2809CI reciever/preamp
  • Samsung BRP-1500 Blu Ray player
  • Scientific Atlanta 8300 Cable Box/DVR
  • Monster Power MPA-3250 Amp
  • Adcom GFA-555 Amp
  • Emotiva XPA-3 Amp
  • Panamax 5100 Power Conditioner
  • Monster Power 1600 Power Conditioner
  • Denon DCM-390 CD Player
  • Harmondy 720 Remote
  • Parasound P/FET 900II Preamp
  • Technics SL1200MK2 Turntable with Denon DL-160 cartridge


  • Polk RTA-12B (main channel)
  • Polk CSi 5 and Csi A6 (center channels)
  • Polk RTi 12 (surround channel)
  • Polk RTi 10 (back surround channel)
  • Two Polk DSW Pro 600 (subwoofers)
  • Klipsch Sub-12 (turn off for music, on for home theater)