Systems Showcase

No Polk stuff anymore!

I used to have some Polk equipment but no more. Current two channel system is as follows: Carver SD/A-360 CDP, Sony generic Multi-disc player, Benchmark DAC-1 converter, Sunfire Theater Grand-IV Processor, Ashly Active Crossover, 2 Rane PEQ-15 Parametric Equalizers, Sunfire Cinema Grand Signature Amplifier, PS Audio Prelude 3-meter Speaker Cables, modified Carver AL-III speakers, Klipsch RT-12d subwoofer.


  • Sunfire Theater Grand-IV 7.1 processor
  • Sunfire Cinema Grand Signature Amplifier
  • Carver SD/A-360 CDP
  • Sony generic Multi-disc player (SACD, etc)
  • Benchmark DAC-1 digital-to-analog converter
  • PS Audio Prelude Speaker Cables (Ribbons), Custom made Canare Speaker cables (woofers)


  • Carver Amazing Loudspeakers-III
  • Klipsch RT-12d digital subwoofer