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I first got interested in the A/V field when i was about 8 years old when my dad got me a little bookshelf system for Christmas. A couple years after that i got my first Denon 5.1 DTS receiver then soon after bought my first sub. Being around 10 or 11 years old the hardest thing for me was buying speakers, im 10 years old, i dont have any money :p What really fueled my fire and desire for good sound was when i got my receiver DTS-ES 6.1 and 7.1 where just starting to get big, then THX started making appearances on non expensive audio equipment. As the years went on, i wanted (and still want) all the new coolest stuff. 1 decade 4 more receivers and $14K later is where i am now. Now, for only being 20 years old i think I've got some, somewhat high end equipment. For starters, I now have a Pioneer 7.1 THX receiver. I picked up some Polk RT20P's from a friend for only $200. 2 pairs of R15's new for $50 a pair. Also i got an M&k 12" sub (shame they went out of business) A Denon DVD player, and also a Denon Dolby Digital Decoder. All receivers are Dolby Digital ready, but if you use an external decoder, its a night and day difference and will give DTS a run for its money if not sound better.

Denon DVD Player

  • HDMI 1080P upscaling
  • Denon DVD-557

Denon Dolby Digital Decoder

  • Sounds way better then just a regular receiver
  • Denon AVD-2000 (not pictured, yet)


  • 1 and 2 for some more added fun

Power Station

  • APC 24 outlet strip with onboard computer
  • Computer monitored surge protector
  • Computer monitored automatic individual outlet shutdown


  • 7.1 THX/6.1 DTS Discrete
  • HDMI
  • Pioneer VSX1016-TXV


  • Polk RT20P (Front)
  • Polk R15 (x4 surrounds)
  • RCA (Center)
  • M&K V-75II 12" (subwoofer)

Stereo Cabinet

  • Dimming Lights
  • Intake and exhaust fans with Thermostats
  • Smoked Glass Doors
  • Grill Cloth Panels to hide speakers
  • Made it myself


  • For some added fun.