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Best sounding two channel system U2 can have..

This is the definitive two channel system. nothing else comes close and its SIMPLE and very rewarding when its done, the speakers are custom made and bi-amping 4th order you don't even need a SACD to hear EVERYTHING on a standard cd player using this system, You can use low priced mono or stereo amps the MAGIC is the 4th order and LOVELY horn speakers that make you part of the music not just in front of it. At low volume ever wonder WHY the bass sounds BETTER when you leave the room and go to the cellar to grab a BEER? from those 1980's speakers? These speakers do just that. Create the BASS with out having to go to the cellar to say MAN that bass sound GREAT from down here...

two channel DEFINITIVE system. YOU can set this up FOR little money and RULE the neighborhood

  • pre amp
  • active crossover
  • 4 mono blocks OR two stereo power amps
  • HIGH grade speaker cable
  • custom horn speakers