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A new beginning

Over the past month and a half, I have revamped my entire system from what I had before hand. Its not a top of the line setup but it definitely satisfies me. Living Room Onkyo Tx-SR605 Polk Monitor 50's Polk CS10 centerchannel Polk Monitor 40's surrounds Sanus wood speaker stands Dual Boston Acoustics 12" Subwoofer Monster THX certified subwoofer cable HK DVD47 SACD/DVDAudio/Upconverting dvd player Monster HDP1800 Powerconditioner 42 inch 1080p flat panel PS3 Gateway Mediacenter PC Bedroom 32 inch Polaroid flatpanel 720p Onkyo Tx-SR605 Sony BDP-S350 Blu-Ray Player Onkyo 5 speaker system JBL150 watt 10 inch sub Sanus wood speaker stands Monster AVP700 Power Center Office/ Work out room Polaroid 32 inch flat panel 720p Wii Gaming system

Living room